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Commentary on the Sunday Gospel 25 July 2021

All the evangelists bring us the story of the miracle of the loaves. It is to feed a large crowd of people and followers of Jesus, gathered on the northeast shore of Lake Tiberias (cf. Mt 14,13-21; Mc 6,32-44; Lc 9,10b-17). As demonstrated by the attitude of the participants, they interpret this meal as a messianic sign. The Jewish tradition was that the Messiah would renew the miracles performed by Moses during the crossing of the desert. That is why, according to this messianic expectation, the future Savior was called "prophet", ie "the last Moses". Indeed, according to Deuteronomy, God promised Moses before his death: "I will raise up a prophet for them in the midst of their brothers and put my words in their mouth and he will tell them what I will command him" (Dt 18,18). That's why the people who are present during the multiplication of the loaves try to proclaim Jesus king. But Jesus refuses, because his mission is not political, but religious.
If the Church gives this episode in the liturgical celebration, because it is the belief that Jesus Christ resurrected feeds with his miracle, during the Eucharist, the new people of God. And that gives him the strength to continue its way down through history. He precedes his people to show the way by His word. Those who cross the history of the Church in the company reach the goal of all the streets, the eternal inheritance God (cf. Gv 14,1-7).


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St. Francis of Assisi pastor and martyr