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HOLY TRINITY’ (YEAR A) – With. Liturgical: White

Sunday commentary 7 June 2020

Often we imagine a distant "God", abstract, almost reduced to a system of twisted ideas or simple, but inexplicable.
Especially when we approach to the doctrine of the Trinity, one has the impression of being in front of a mocking charade.
And instead, the being of God is very concrete communion which is poured out freely. Rather, calls us to cross the threshold of his inner life and enriching.
We do not understand why God is interested in us: more than, perhaps, we are interested in ourselves.
Just as we were sinners, the Father has sent his Son to give us new life in the Spirit. Freely. For the sake. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son".
Christ does not impose. Not forced to accept. It is delivered to our decision.
This is the dizziness of human life. We can go next door to the Lord Jesus who died and rose again, without even deigning to look distracted.
It, however, we can not make sure that he does not exist as God made man who forgives and saves. "He that believeth not is condemned already".
But if we open ourselves to his dilection…
So Christ is revealed as the one who has awakened in us all expected more radical. It fills these expectations out of proportion.
It is the redemption. It is the grace. It is the Spirit who dwells in us and conforms us to the Lord Jesus.
The new life, that is given to us, will appear in all its glory over the time. Start Here, and is the "eternal life".

Saint of the day

St. Francis of Assisi pastor and martyr