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Commentary on the Sunday Gospel 17 January 2021

The song has the flavor of the facts lived and well etched in memory, because they have changed my life.
The disciples gave their trust to John the Baptist. It is on his word that they "follow" Jesus referred to as the "Lamb of God".
The encounter with Christ takes to boot from a question that is addressed: "Where do you live?”. But soon turns into an expectation of the disciples to the mystery.
Jesus answers: "Come and see".
The experience of sharing everything convince the disciples that Jesus is the Messiah.
The encounter with Christ is not an event surface: is configured as a feeling understood and loved; changes name, and, with the name, change the basic attitude: "You are Simon… You chiamerai Cefa ".
The find Jesus – or better, being found by Jesus – not only changes the existence, but it heralds of salvation. A way of overflow of joy. A way needs to participate along with the new life in Christ discovery.


Saint of the day

St. Francis of Assisi pastor and martyr