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XXXII Sunday in Ordinary Time – (YEAR C) – With. Liturgical: Green

Sunday 10 November 2019

After the Pharisees and scribes appear new enemies of Jesus: i sadducei. They denied the resurrection as pure human chimera and adopted against Jesus a different strategy to fight. The Sadducees were concerned that the influx of crowds to Jesus could turn into political turmoil; Romans would brutally suppressed. So they aimed at limiting the influence on the public life of Jesus. For this purpose, have It told a story of their invention on the seven brothers and wife Major among them, promising way to ridicule Jesus and  the belief in the resurrection. In reality, derision turned against opponents of Jesus. Indeed, he shows that the future world It is not the extension of this, He says that death will be overcome and that those who will be raised in the life of God and will not be more submissive to the biological laws of this world. In the rest of speech, relying on 'Exodus (This is 3,6), book that the Sadducees held sacred, Jesus presents a biblical argument on life everlasting: "God is not God of the dead", and it would be if Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not live longer. But they live and give glory to God. This it also means that only those who live for God, really lives. God invites every man to his father's house, because he wants us all we enjoy with him the fullness of life in immortality.

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