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– Easter Photo 2019 –

FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER – (YEAR C) – With. Liturgical: White

Sunday 12 May 2019

Giving us, through of baptism, to be part of the Church, Jesus assures us know  one by one. The baptismal vocation is always personal, and it requires a responsible answer in person. We feel confident, in the Church, because Jesus is always with us, and calls us and guide us the explicit voice of the Pope and the inner promptings that help us  to recognize it and to respond to it. If we stay in the Church, with the Pope, we will not go never missing, because Jesus knows us by name and He gave his life to save us. That life which is communicated to us, gage of eternity, Eucharist worthily received. We must not afraid of anything. Through Jesus we enter into communion with the Father, we participate in the Trinitarian life. The external threats do not disturb: we have to fear only sin that seduces us to find other ways, away from the herd path led by Jesus. Our staff fidelity to the voice of the Shepherd contributes to the itinerary of salvation that the Church leadership in the world, and it determines our happiness.

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