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-Liturgical NOTICES 2019-

II Sunday of Lent (YEAR C) – With. Liturgical: Viola

Sunday 17 March 2019

In the Transfiguration, Jesus is referred to as the true hope of man and as the apogee of the Old Testament. Luke speaks of ' "exodus" of Jesus, containing at the same time death and resurrection.
I tre apostoli, overcome by sleep, it is man's inability to penetrate the Mystery, They are awakened by Jesus, that is, by grace, and see his glory. Cloud, symbol of the immensity of God and of his presence, It covers them all. The three apostles hear the words of the Father that define the Son as the elected: "This is my Son, the chosen one, listen to him ". There is another comment. They react with fear and astonishment. They would like to stick to this time, avoid the next moment of the descent from the mountain and his habit burden, of darkness, of passion.
The glory, Moses and Elijah, disappear. All that remains is "that Jesus alone", one truth, only one life and one way of salvation in the daily fabric of human history. This vision will not relieve them from the burden of everyday life, often stripped of the splendor of the Tabor, nor dispense them from the act of faith at the time of the test, when the white clothes and the transfigured face of Jesus will be torn and humiliated. But the memory of this vision will help you understand, as explained by the Preface of today's Mass, "That through the passion we can come to the triumph of the resurrection".

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